OptiVue offers our patients one of the most extensive selections of frames, lenses and contact lenses in Northwest Ohio. We carry a wide variety of brands such as DKNY, Modo, Calvin Klein and Nautica just to mention a few. Our Arrowhead location now carries Gucci, Coach, Prada and Burberry.


In addition to a wide variety of frames we also have the most advanced lenses available. We now offer polycarbonate, hi-index and a new lens technology called Trilogy.

Hi-Index is the thinnest and lightest lens on the market. However, polycarbonate is also thin and light, and is impact resistant as well: making it a good choice for glasses related to work and sports. The new lens technology, Trilogy, is light in weight, eliminates eye magnification, has exceptional visual clarity and is virtually unbreakable like polycarbonate. Trilogy is available in Transitions or can be tinted to any color, unlike polycarbonate.

OptiVue offers a wide variety of no line bifocals, lens coatings and other options as listed below. These glasses are the best available on the market.

High-Index Lenses- If you have thick prescription eyeglasses, try lenses in a high-index material. They offer superior optics in a thinner, lighter lens.

Aspheric Lenses- This lens is ideal for strong prescriptions because they are flatter and thinner. They also provide better vision than ordinary lenses and look better because they lessen farsighted and nearsighted eye magnification.

Multifocal Lenses- Bifocals and trifocals come in many configurations, depending on whether you sit at the computer all day, play golf, work on automobiles, etc. The right bifocal or trifocal lens must be determined by your prescription.

Progressive Addition Lenses- This lens can do everything a bifocal or trifocal can do, but without the lines.

Lens Coatings- Anti-reflective coating, UV coating and scratch-resistant coating are options that make lenses more attractive lasting.

Photochromics and Tints- Also called variable-tint lenses or transition lenses, these lenses darken in the sun and are convenient for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Polycarbonate- This lens is very impact resistant and is thinner than a regular plastic lens. These are great for active people, especially children.
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