A Guide to Multifocal IOLs
(IntraOcular Lenses)

Traditionally, the intraocular lenses (IOLs) that have been implanted during cataract surgery are monofocal, meaning that vision is only in focus at one distance, whether it be near, intermediate, or far). This means that after surgery, patients may need to wear eyeglasses to perform near activities like reading or using a computer. The likelihood of requiring glasses or contact lenses after surgery increases if you are already having problems with presbyopia before surgery.

However, new breakthroughs in IOLs have made it possible for cataract patients to have clear vision at several distances- without glasses and without contacts. These new IOLs are referred to as Multifocal.

There are several types of multifocal lenses on the market. The different types modify your vision in different ways. You and your doctor can decide which one is best for you. At OptiVue, we offer the following choices of multifocal lenses.


AcrySof® ReStor®
The AcrySof® ReStor® lens uses a technology that responds to the size of your pupil to provide near, intermediate and distance vision. In a clinical study, 80% of patients who receive the ReStor® reported that they had no need for glasses following surgery. 94% of patients said that if given the option, they would have the ReStor® implanted again. Click here to go to the AcrySof® ReStor® website.

The ReZoom™ Multifocal IOL uses technology that creates multiple focal points to provide clear vision at any distance. The ReZoom™ has five uniquely proportioned zones to help you see well in different light and focal distances. Studies show that only 92% of patients receiving the ReZoom™ lens “never” or “only occasionally” need to wear glasses.
Click here to go to the ReZoom™ website.

Crystalens® is also referred to as an “Accomodating” IOL. As presbyopia increases, the lens of the eye is not as flexible and cannot be moved as easily to focus at various distances. Crystalens® implants utilize hinges on each side of the IOL, allowing it to be moved more easily by the ciliary muscle (the muscle that focuses your eye). Because the Crystalens® is more flexible, it allows the eye to focus in a more natural way at a greater range of distances.
Click here to go to the Crystalens® website.

Please remember that with any of these multifocal IOLs, it is not 100% guaranteed that you will not need glasses or contact lenses after your cataract surgery.

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