Refractive Lens Exchange

To paraphrase Forrest Gump – “presbyopia happens”.

Presbyopia affects every single person sooner or later as we age. Due to weakening of tiny muscles in the eye that are used for focusing and stiffening of the lens of the eye as we age, it becomes more and more difficult to focus at objects up close.
It’s been estimated that over 95 million Americans currently either have difficulty with reading or will soon have difficulty with reading within the next 5 years. LASIK cannot correct both distance and near at the same time using current technology.

Dr. Martin and OptiVue have led the way in introducing multi-focal or bifocal intraocular lens implants associated with lens based surgery. Dr. Martin was one of the first investigators for the IOLAB “Bullseye” lens, during the 1990’s. He went on to investigate the 3M difractive lens. These technologies eventually evolved into the Array multi-focal lens. Here at OptiVue, we have implanted many of these lenses with great success. Several new lens technologies have now become available through Dr. Martin. This includes the ReZoom lens from Allergan and the ReSTOR lens from Alcon. Both of these lenses offer patients new levels of vision correction. Dr. Martin calls this procedure
“High Definition Refractive Lens Exchange”, or “High-Definition Re-Lux”.

Using this advanced technology, the aging lens of the eye can be replaced with or without a cataract in order to restore near, far, and intermediate vision. Using LASIK, Photorefractive Keratectomy, or Limbal Relaxing Incisions, the lens can be fine-tuned to improve the patient’s vision providing the best level of vision that is technologically possible. While this procedure involves additional cost to the patient, many patients are choosing this procedure in order to achieve greater independence from glasses.

One of the advantages of patients choosing OptiVue for this treatment is that we are the most experienced practice in Northwest Ohio in both lens-based surgery and Laser Refractive surgery. Our patients can expect and receive the best possible visual results.

One of the great benefits of refractive lens exchange is that it is a single, combination surgical procedure. While it eliminates dependency on glasses and contacts, it will also eliminate the need for cataract surgery in the future.


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